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        Environmental protection machinery department specialized in industrial livestock waste disposal, recycling of waste resources recycling engineering and equipment design, installation, manufacturing, technical guidance, such as a turnkey project, in the industry enjoys a high degree of praise. We cooperate with the institute of organic waste resource utilization in the engineering center of henan university of technology. According to the local actual situation,we collect and analyze the sample and propose the most reasonable, economical, environmental  and  the most effective project design scheme. We have been committed to providing the best quality products and services for domestic and overseas, establish the perfect network system of authorized agents according to the region, which makes the user obtained the highest quality, the most convenient, fast after – sales service.

        The organic waste resource utilization research institute jointly established by our company and Henan University of Technology, always adhere to the comprehensive utilization of solid waste and efficient utilization of forward-looking technology, break through and mastering the core technology, do research and development of solid waste recycling industry key technology and common technology, open up a new idea of solid utilization of organic wastes, realize efficient utilization of organic wastes, build the platform between industry and scientific research achievements, to speed up the solid utilization of organic wastes to the scientific research achievements into productivity, improving independent innovation ability, promoting China's solid waste resource utilization industry technology progress and improve the core competition ability, that promote the development of circular economy in our country.